Major of the medical service of the special squad of Regardie fired because of cigarette butts with spice


Майора медслужбы в отряде спецназа Росгвардии уволили из-за окурков со спайсами

Major Sergei Urbanovich, who served as chief of the medical part of the special squad Regardie Peresvet, was dismissed for drug use in the office. About it writes today “Kommersant”. In the office of the Urbanowicz was discovered a suspicious cigarette butts — the remains of the so-called shoals, charged with spice.

Myself a doctor at this time in the service was absent, and the lock on the front door of his Cabinet was broken. However, the officer was called in from home to work, then drove to the police, and then to the examination in a narcological clinic. However, in the urine of the major Urbanowicz no prohibited substances were found. After that, the officer was allowed to go home.

But later, as stated by riot police, without his participation and notifications previously opened the sample was sent for re-examination.

“Discovered methyl ether butane acid, which is derived drugs methyl ether,” — said in the second study experts. Drug experts also pointed out that “the discovered substance is a synthetic cannabinoid prohibited for circulation”. 51 the military investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia opened against Sergei Urbanovich criminal case of drug possession (part 1 of article 228 of the criminal code), and materials in respect of a commando sent for consideration by attestation Commission, which recommended its dismissal, which was done.

Urbanowicz appealed the decision of dismissal in court. His lawyer Vadim Burlakov said that the incident is linked to a major conflict with the command squad. The criminal case against the officer terminated for “lack of evidence”, but to restore him at work, the court refused. The officer appealed this decision.



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