Little Chinese unicoil 30 new electric cars


Маленькие китайцы уничножили 30 новых электрокаров Parents will have to pay damages.

A group of children under the guidance of 10-year-old boy in the Chinese city of Chongqing broke 30 new electric vehicles parked in the Parking lot of the dealership. The total damage amounted to 31,000 dollars.

In early January, the police asked one of the local car dealers, who reported that his Parking lot had three dozen cars. During the week the law enforcement authorities were studying the circumstances of the incident and went on the 10-year-old boy. Caught confessed that she loved to go to the Park to play there. He found that the cars in the Parking lot were open and in them were the keys. After that he took one of the cars to drive. According to him, the ride he had learned, looking at the way adults do.

Then the young man called to the Parking lot of their friends showed them how to drive cars and they started to play with them. One of the fun involves the collision of vehicles with each other.

The dealer intends to claim compensation of damages from the parents of the guilty, none of whom during the games, with electric cars were not injured. Children have repented.


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