Land Rover will release a branded smartphone Explore


On the Internet you can often find Chinese smartphones with a proud inscription the Land Rover, which has no relation to the British car industry. But the company decided to make its brand the phone of Explore Land Rover and give it the main feature of their cars.

No, Land Rover Explore will not need every day wear in service, unlike the cars of this brand: a smartphone will do “off road” by wrapping it in a high-strength housing. As stated in the press release, the unit will be resistant to damage from water, extreme temperatures, dust, exposure to a number of aggressive environments, as well as from falls. Also the glass will not become scratched, so it can be used even in the harshest conditions and not the best for gadgets and their owners places on our planet. For example, in southern Butovo and Kupchino.

Yes, the smartphone Land Rover Explore has additional protection from the natives of these habitats, because it looks very clumsy and resembles the garland from China for $ 50. It has no hardware specs, but will tell about it already on the MWC 2018 at the end of this month. Reported to Explore by Land Rover will be in April at a price of 650 euros, and it is unclear what will need to pay that kind of money, in addition to the logo.


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