Klishas revealed the “trick” of the amendments to the Constitution. They are “pass-through”, so the accepted list


Клишас раскрыл «подвох» поправок в Конституцию. Они «сквозные», поэтому принимаются списком

Klishas explained why amendments to the Constitution should vote in General. The Senator also noted that many citizens “always looking for the catch,” therefore, the CEC must clearly outline the amendments as the parliamentarians have to explain to people their value

MOSCOW, March 6. /TASS/. Many amendments in the Constitution are cross cutting in nature, they are impossible to split by chapters, so the citizens should vote no on each of them, and for the bill as a whole. This was stated on Friday, the co-chair of the working group on amendments to the Constitution, the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Andrey Klishas, the radio station “Vesti FM”.

Suggestions of citizens is inextricably linked to how public authorities will implement these constitutional provisions, how feedback will be provided to people, said the Senator. “Therefore, the amendments are comprehensive, they are to each other really connected. To achieve results that are put before us by the President and the people who made these suggestions, maybe if we implement all these measures in the complex, so people will be asked to vote for the bill as a whole. It is impossible to pull the powers of the different organs. Citizens need to understand that only the implementation of all these measures together will affect the quality of life of each person”, – said Klishas.

He noted that many citizens are “constantly looking for the trick”, therefore, the CEC must clearly outline the amendments as the parliamentarians, members of the working group, the legislative assemblies of the regions, municipalities need to explain to people their value.

“People don’t need to agitate for what they have offered to write to the text of the Constitution. People just need to show that there is no guile, what is written is really what they wanted to see in the text of the basic law. If citizens see it, you will understand that it really affects their quality of life, they will come and vote,” added the Senator.


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