Kim Kardashian decided to get rid of lush buttocks


Star ready to do the surgery.

New year, new changes! Millions of fans were upset, after which Kim Kardashian will never be the same! The most famous buttocks will be less.

Recently, Kim Kardashian, who introduced the fashion for large buttocks, announced that he was going to reduce the size of their buttocks. About the shocking news of the environment said the friends and family Internet znamenitosti.

So, the source of the us edition says the following:

“Now she doesn’t like the look of her buttocks. Kim is sure that big hips are no longer in trend! That’s why she now does not emphasize attention to them in social networks.”

Suddenly this is due to the fact that Kim Kardashian just tired to hear and read about gossip? Girl, which depends on the opinions of others, surrounded by a great number of rumors. So, the most common of them: brand rounded hips Kardashian — famous and competent plastic surgeon.

Kim has always denied such speculation, insisting that her buttocks is a gift of nature.


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