Kiev failed to consider supermezz: named for the reason


Киевляне не смогли рассмотреть супермесяц: названа причина Residents of the capital were disappointed.

Best supermoon could be seen in Russia, Australia, East Asia and the United States, and in Ukraine it was possible to see only the reflection.

As stated in the story TSN, because of the cloudy sky in Kiev astronomical phenomenon difficult to observe. But it should also be noted that in Ukraine the Eclipse of the moon Bulo not as obvious as in other countries. According to the correspondent of the TV channel, Kiev could only see glimpses of this phenomenon in the form of small red spots.

The citizens believe the astronomical phenomenon all the same do not adversely affect their condition. Clouds in the capital are preventing the people of Kiev to see the supermoon As UNIAN reported earlier, Eclipse was expected after 14:00 for three hours. Best of all it was seen in Russia, Australia, East Asia and the United States. Its reflection could be seen in Ukraine, although not everywhere.

Separately supermoon total Eclipse in which the Moon takes on a reddish hue, and “blue Moon” occur quite often, but on the same day during the lifetime of the present generation, as it was today, yet he’s never lost.


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