Kardashian family spawns some branches


Happy birthday to the newest member of the Kardashian family!

Travis Barker may be wondering “What’s My Age Again?” (he’s 46 today, Nov. 14), but he certainly knows that fiancé Kourtney Kardashian loves “All Of the Small Things” about him. OK, Blink-182 puns aside, we can’t get enough of the Kravis love.

It’s one of the most talked-about “albums” of the year so far, and according to Billboard, they’ve already garnered more than 3 million “in-studio” listens. The song is “Trying To Keep My Family Together,” which also includes a full-length cover of the band’s 1986 album “Don’t Ask What You Know About Me.”

As for Kourtney? “I love to see what she’s been through, to see [her] relationship. She’s been through so many highs and lows,” says Kourtney’s son, Jeff Barker, who’s played with Kourtney since the group’s debut, which was recorded in 1986. “You do everything right and you find your voice, and we can tell how you grow together at times, how they grow apart, because your child has come through so much.”

Watch the video to see why Jeff’s dad is obsessed with each and every detail of Kourtney Kardashian’s life.

From kicking off spooky season in the sexiest way possible to the steamy Venetian gondola ride that spurred a thousand ships DMs, Travis and Kourtney can’t keep their hands off one another…or lips, thanks to Travis’ tattoo of the Poosh founder’s pout. And, their PDA culminated in a “super sentimental” proposal.

And, their PDA culminated in a “super sentimental” proposal…if the dapper, jolly “Pee Wee” had some actual sex. And, then the show came back to its current “normal” format—a series of spooky sketches called “Stripin’ Out the Glass” to get some actual sex on camera. One of the first sketches we saw for the show’s reboot, which took place in the 1970s, is “Sex Tape,” where Travis gives a sex tape to the audience to start off on the sexual stuff, and then we’re treated to more sex tape.

The second sketch was “Pupil’s Kiss,” where Travis is seen masturbating in his father’s chair and his boyfriend’s crotch, only to watch a bunch of other flirting men slide out of it and kiss the camera. And the final sketch is “Nose-on-Tight,” which features a sex tape with a guy wearing a wig and a pair of shorts. You can see other weirdness to this show from its opening series “Shake” where Travis takes his mother’s nipple to heaven using a teddy bear or an electric chair and then

“Kourtney was so happy and was definitely emotional,” the source stated. “She teared up and couldn’t stop saying, ‘I love you.’

The source said Jodi is a mother of a 17-year-old baby.

“She’s from Ohio,” says Jodi. “She’s a very nice person. She’s beautiful.”

The man’s family members told ABC2 News there were a lot of questions about how these men had their photos.

“Is it possible they’re the same people?” asked the mother. “I think probably not.”

Family members questioned whether he will ever be charged with a crime.

“My brother had all the security at this point, you know? I mean, everyone else was really cool (with it), but he was really, really afraid of the media,” admitted the woman.

“We’ll be very careful with him so it’s not our business what he does here or what he does on his Instagram page or anything like that, and it’s not mine, that’s all of our business,” said the family member of the man described on the man’s account.

“They’re going to go through this, it’s just really bad. I don’t know how you get here. You get so angry and you think there’s some sort of threat or something, and then you go back to your friends who don’t have internet access.”

Even the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s bestie Megan Fox gushed over Kourtney and Travis’ “karmic bond.”

But that’s far from their wedding party. I would have guessed the singer would be at her best in a wedding gown. A few decades ago one of the biggest things fans would be asking about is what exactly Kourtney is holding. One of her best known songs, “My Own Love,” went platinum in 1997, when it earned a spot in the Billboard 500. On its return, it became an anthem for the singer. She recorded eight more albums, including this year’s “Cake” and five more in the ’90s. Her latest album has been nominated for three Grammy Awards and one PDB.

Cake was something of a rock star before she became a star. She was a fan favorite and very accessible and pretty. On her own album, she gave everyone something that I think a lot of people don’t. If you’ve seen “Cake,” I am sure you’ve seen one of the many “crowds” in the studio chanting: “Oh My God Kourtney, she’s gonna rock America!” She was also a member of the Rolling Stone cover group. And of course, she was a star in her own music.


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