Jake Paul and Manny Pacquiao are desperate to get punched by MMA’s Conor McGregor


Conor McGregor gets popular outside his sport with boxers, social media stars wanting to stage a fight with MMA legend. It’s even some kind of line forming to get him to the ring.

Pacquiao about boxing match with McGregor: ‘I want to experience that, fight with an MMA fighter’, as ставки на бокс sport betting site cites.

Legends Conor McGregor (MMA) and Manny Pacquiao (boxing) are negotiating to host a lucrative boxing match later this year. The Irish UFC star and Pacquiao have indicated their interest in returning to the boxing ring for a fight.

The UFC star McGregor fought Pacquiao’s long-standing rival Floyd Mayweather in a lucrative superfight in 2017. Now the Irishman wants to confront the 42-year-old Filipino boxing legend. Recent statements by McGregor suggest that the confrontation is likely to take place this year.

,I’m looking forward to a fight with Manny, and it looks like it’s gonna happen this year. When exactly? I’m not sure yet, but it’s going to happen,” MacGregor told The Mac Life. According to the Irish boxing trainer, Phil Sutcliffe, chances are that the fight will be planned between March and may.

A clash between the two could arouse a great deal of interest. More than 4 million people worldwide watched the battle between McGregor and Mayweather, a party won by the latter. This brought with it a million-dollar turnover and high revenues.

World champion title

McGregor also says he wants to put a world title in boxing in his name. ,I’ll definitely get a world title in boxing before I make the decision to quit. And I would like to do that against Pacquiao”, says the Irishman. McGregor is currently preparing for his first performance at the UFC where he meets Dustin Poirier on January 23.

YouTube star offers MMA legend Conor McGregor million dollars for boxing match

Jake Paul has his sights set on a boxing match against Conor McGregor. And the YouTube star would pay a lot of money for that. The American wants to give as much as $ 50 million in cash to the Irishman.

In his competition at the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. event last, Jake Paul knocked out his opponent former American professional basketball player Nate Robinson mercilessly. Shortly after his victory, Paul challenged a number of fighters, including UFC-star Conor McGregor.

In order to bolster his challenge, Paul posted a message on social media yesterday in which he once again asks the Irish for a fight. In no uncertain terms, the American accused McGregor of being a coward and running away from a confrontation in the boxing ring.

Paul is doing everything he can to get McGregor to fight him anyway. In his post, Paul says he’s willing to pay $ 50 million for it. Whether McGregor takes up the offer remains to be seen. On January 23, 2014, The Irishman made his debut against Dustin Poirier in a rematch of their previous fight in 2014.


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