It looks like a car assembled from 17 cars


Так выглядит автомобиль, собранный из 17 машинUnusual transport found in the United States.

In the United States found a very unusual home-made car. He recalled several models of different years of issue, which is not surprising since its construction, used parts and assemblies from 17 different cars.

Perhaps the Creator of the machine was working at the junkyard or at the parts store. Otherwise, where it has so many different parts? He now sells his creation for 25 thousand dollars.

In the documents the designer is listed as a Chevrolet 1939, although this model had only the frame, hood, fenders and grille. V8 engine volume of 5.7 liter borrowed from the GMC truck 1985, automatic transmission from Chevrolet in 1982.

Further – more. You can see the original back Keeley from Cadillac 1961 and trunk lid from a 1985 Cadillac Seville. Most interior parts were taken from a Ford Thunderbird 1964, although the instrument panel shared Oldsmobile 1985.

He took off and the electrical equipment. The seats are from a Pontiac Firebird 1984. Main beam and direction indicators made specifically for this machine.

Not to bore you with the details, we publish you a list of all car donor:

1972 AMC Javelin – lights;
1958 Buick front bumper, the reversing lights;
1961 Cadillac rear keels;
Cadillac 1982 – suspension, front brakes;
Cadillac Seville 1985 – trunk lid;
1932 Chevrolet rear bumper;
Chevrolet 1939 – hood, fenders, grille;
Chevrolet 1982 – CAT;
Chevrolet 1992 — cooling fan;
Chevrolet Caprice – power Windows;
1964 Ford Thunderbird – steering wheel, interior;
1972 Ford Pinto – door, fuel tank;
Ford 1973 – the roof;
GMC 350 1985, engine;
Oldsmobile 1985 – instrument panel, electrical equipment;
1972 Pontiac – rear axle;

1984 Pontiac Firebird – seat.


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