It became known as iPhone X to protect against thieves


Стало известно, как с iPhone X защититься от воровAfter the presentation, the Face ID feature, many users still have questions

For example, will the technology work with all sunglasses and how to protect your smartphone during a robbery on the street. To find out, one of the developers wrote to the Craig federighi — so he knows about Face ID more than anyone else.

As reported in the response letter Federighi, Face ID will work with almost all sun glasses, reports MacRumors. According to him, most of these points pass the infrared beam through which technology and recognizes the user’s face, so problems with it should not be. Of course, not without exceptions, but in this case everything is known in practice.As for protection from thieves, it’s all a bit more interesting. First, if you do not look at the phone, he’s not rasplachivaetsya. But there is an alternative way — if you hold both buttons on the sides, when you transfer to iPhone, this will temporarily turn off Face ID and login will be possible only with a password.

However, Face to ID remains a lot of questions — in particular, to the speed unlock the phone that way. At the presentation of Apple it was possible to notice that the face scanner is much slower than the fingerprint scanner. It is hoped that it will be otherwise.


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