India remains the leader in new COVID cases


167.2 million Covid-19 infections have been recorded worldwide. This is evident on Monday from current data collected by Johns Hopkins CSSE.

Today, the total number of infections in India was almost 26.8 million. The number of deaths in India increased to just 304,000.

In the United States, the highest number of Covid-19 cases are still recorded, with today more than 33 million among 589,893 deaths.

Brazil is the third country worldwide, with just over 16 million cases and almost 450,000 deaths.

In Western Europe, France has the highest number of infections, with just under 6 million. The United Kingdom has almost 4.5 million cases. Italy is heading towards 4.2 million infections and Spain has more than 3.6 million cases, just like Germany.

In China, the first country to report coronavirus cases at the end of 2019, 102,873 cases of infection have now been recorded. That was 102,822 on Friday.

According to Johns Hopkins data, more than 3.45 million people worldwide have died from the virus. Over 1.65 billion people have been vaccinated.


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