In Yakutia, the court forced the family to bury the Windows in the house


В Якутии суд заставил многодетную семью замуровать окна в доме

The number of crazy growing — so it took most people a surprising court decision in Yakutia. The plaintiff wrote a letter to the family, demanding to lay the bricks, the Windows in the apartment of the defendants to the people across the street couldn’t follow his private life.

By court order the lawsuit was decided to satisfy.

We have become accustomed to are inadequate to the citizens, requiring to call in response to neighbors, allegedly illuminating them through the wall or through the x-ray radiation vypilivaya their secret thoughts.

But these citizens and the attitude has always been relevant. Case in Yakutia, all turned on its head. Large family Isakovich court ordered to wall up the Windows of the first and second floors of their house. Other Windows you may leave, but those of which overlook the plot neighbors Petrov must become blind and deaf.



The fact that, according to Petrov, other people’s views threaten the well-being of their life. Petrov argued that Isakovy invaded their personal space. Since he built his house, though on his land, but too close to land Petrov.

Indeed, under the construction provisions of any building must not be closer than three metres to the boundary of the site. Since many of this norm is not complied with, Petrov demanded from all the neighbors stop to look at his side. In other words, to wall up all the Windows and doors opening on their site. By the way, the site is still not built anything, your own home from Petrov yet.

Subdivision with neighbors was conducted, where exactly the border areas – is unclear. However, peace talks have stalled.

According to the respondents, the satisfaction of all claims Petrov is not accidental. After all, the mistress of the house, Sargylana Petrov – Secretary of the President of the Supreme court of Yakutia.

Says the lawyer Nikolai Mikhailov:

“The rules that the structure must be located not less than 3 metres from a fence bordering the neighbouring area exist. However, compliance with the few people watching. Citizens should keep in mind: if your home abuts the fence of the neighbors, they require not only zamurovannye Windows, but the demolition of the entire structure. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. I hope the case in Yakutia will lead many to treat this rule more closely. Here the defendant has treated more humanely — would be required to demolish the entire house”.


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