In the zoo of Los Angeles in one day put to sleep a few inseparable the 21-year-old lions. Photo


The zoo wanted to and the last journey they went together.

Hubert and Kalisa last 6 years lived together. Their love saw the zoo and the visitors, because the lions were constantly around. They lived a long life (average life expectancy of Lviv — 17 years old), but old age began to get sick often, which was decided on euthanasia, reports the with reference for a New Time.

The staff didn’t want someone from the lions saw the death of his partner, and therefore decided to euthanize them at the same time.

“These lions were very beautiful — both together as partners and individually, but to break them was impossible. Their undivided attention is always focused on each other when they rested together, cuddled and often caressed noses,” said one of the zoo workers.

“You can’t think about Hubert’s Calisi, they were inseparable for many years”, — quotes the LA Times, the words of the curator on work with animals, Alice behar.


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