In the USA the son killed the mother due to the fact that she distracted him from the game


В США сын убил мать из-за того, что та отвлекла его от игрыThe guy tried to kill his father.

In the US 28-year-old Matthew Nicholson killed his mother after she distracted him from the game. About it reports The Washington Post.

According to police, 68-year-old woman walked into her son’s room, scared of strong cries coming from his bedroom. The son was very angry, and in anger broke the headphones and blame it on mother. After that, the fight has only gained momentum.

“He started to threaten that will kill both the mother and father,” said one of the guards. After that, Nicholson returned with a gun and shot three times: two bullets landed in the wall, another — in a woman’s head. Some time later she died in hospital.

The man tried to shoot and 81-year-old father. But to do this he failed: he knocked the weapons out of the hands of the son.

After that, Matthew ran away from the scene. After some time, he was arrested by the police.

“Our mother was a person who always tried to see the best in people,” — said the daughter of the deceased woman. Where in the house took the weapons, the publication does not specify.


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