In the US stopped working Federal government: the cause


В США прекратило работу федеральное правительство: названа причинаThis is a unique case.

The US Federal government stopped work because of lack of funds. As reported by CNN, this is the first in modern history “shutdown” at a time when both chambers of Congress in control of one party.

This means that unpaid leave will go up to a million Federal employees.

The reason was that expired adopted at the end of December last year, the resolution on temporary financing of the Federal ministries and agencies, now they will be forced to stop to perform some of its functions due to lack of funds, as a full-fledged budget for the year 2018 is not accepted.

It happened in the night from Friday to Saturday.

For the adoption of the bill on the continuation of funding in the Senate needed 60 votes, while the Republicans control only 51. Voted at the last moment: technically, at midnight, the procedure is still ongoing, but “against” have voted enough senators that the bill was not passed. Republicans and Democrats agree on a number of parameters.

The latter, in particular, demanded to include in the resolution measures for the protection from deportation of illegal immigrants who entered the United States minors.

Journalists write that trump and his representatives called the event “closing of Sumer” on behalf of the minority leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, but the Democrat from new York quickly called it “off trump.”


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