In the networks of Russian cinema questioned the possibility to open July 15


В сетях российских кинотеатров усомнились в возможности открыться с 15 июля

Representatives of the Russian networks stated that you can not manage to resume work since July 15 because of preparations for the opening they would need about 30 days. Earlier on June 29, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko announced that cinemas are allowed to open July 15.

“We don’t know yet (whether open July 15), because it needs an official permission from the authorities. As cinemas were closed by order, so they should open by order,” – said the CEO of United cinemas (“Kino OKKO”, “cinema Park” and “the Formula of Cinema”) Alex Asasin.

According to him, the technical training of cinema for the opening you need two weeks, but to start full operation takes about 30 days to distributors managed to hold a normal advertising campaign for their movies.

Asasin noted that cinemas will be able to open only the Russian Ministers, as foreign innovations have changed the release date of the releases. But the key to open cinemas he called the creation of the “effect of expectations” that people receive information about when the cinema will open.

“There will be some Russian mini-premiere of “My spy”, “Happy ending”, “Killer on call”. For the period of the promotion. Clearly, these are not major releases, not so expected, like “Argument” and “Mulan,” but nevertheless,” added Vassin.

In turn, the President of the network of cinemas “Karo” Olga Sinyakova noted that cinemas July 15 will not open and that the question of “when” she could only answer with the word “if”.

“So: if there will be a second wave, if you get the Europe and the two main cities in the United States: Los Angeles and new York, if you don’t move in the movies, if the decision of government agencies. These “if” we have now a great many. Now the important thing is not when, but how we open,” wrote Siniakova on instagram.


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