In the Internet appeared the video, as the police threatened with a weapon, the offender isolation


В Сети появилось видео, как полиция угрожает оружием нарушителю самоизоляции

Eyewitnesses took video of the incident involving police officers pointing guns violator of the regime of self-isolation. This entry was posted in particular, in the telegram channel “police Ombudsman”. It is alleged that video shot in Krasnodar.

The record shows, as the two men in the form of police officers and medical masks direct service weapon at two people who are close to them. Police asked the men to move away from them, one of them takes the gun from the guard. “My dear Lieutenant, put the gun away!” — asks the man.

One of the officers asked not to approach him “you” (“do not poke me”), and when the man asks why he pulled out a gun, he says “what do you think?”, adding obscene word.


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