In the homeland of Jesus Christ was forbidden to celebrate Christmas


На родине Иисуса Христа запретили отмечать РождествоIn the hometown of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is not to be celebrated one of the major Christian holidays.

The reason for the ban of the mayor-Muslim Ali Salam. The mayor thus expressed their protest against the decision of the President of the United States Donald trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Ali Salam decided to Express support for the Palestinian authority.

“Our identity and faith is not a matter for debate. The decision trump killed the festive mood, and this year we won’t celebrate,” said Ali Salam.

Nazareth — one of the Holy cities for Christians. As it says in the gospel, it is here that the Archangel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would bear the son of God (the Annunciation), and here passed the childhood of Jesus Christ.

Currently in Nazareth are mostly inhabited by Muslims, only about a third of the population of Nazareth are Christian.

The Christians of Nazareth and in the whole of Israel protested the arbitrary decision of the mayor of the Arab.

We will remind, the President of the United States Donald trump on December 6 announced the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He also instructed the state Department to begin work to transfer the U.S. Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The procedure can take several years. Criticized the decision made by many world leaders.

Also, Jerusalem became the capital of Israel after the War of independence in 1949. In 1967 during the six day war under Israeli control moved East Jerusalem. The city became United and undivided capital of the Jewish state.


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