In Tatarstan fish everywhere


We immediately see that the coming of the roads have puddles occupied by “dummies”. They have no concept of how to build a tackle, and therefore with huge floats hunt for bleak and small roach. There are many remote ponds.

We with light and the “right” gear, sharpened by bleak catch until your arm is bent, and neighbors – until the neck in our direction is rotated. The obvious but fails to explain not all.

The by-catch Rudd, roach, bream. The main enemy is wind. Catch on maggots.

On Zae caught good bream, but the water was drained the next muck at the bottom appeared the film-like adhesive, and fish are almost gone. Kama many fans of feeder, mainly catch roach, slips 200-300 g. There, on a sprat to catch walleye.

Separately want to note Bioorgan. Every year there are many spring bream and large roach. This year it is unclear from the water level and bream too. Appears and disappears.

Began to peck and IDE. While preferencee. Worm hesitate, give him steamed peas.

In General, fish are all good. Here-here should appear sabrefish, and then the end of the spring ban.


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