In St. Petersburg, Putin’s supporters beat up activists of the leaflets against the “zeroing” terms


В Петербурге сторонники Путина избили активистов за листовки против «обнуления» сроков

In St. Petersburg unknown persons have beaten the libertarian Yevgeny Smirnov and his friend Oleg Semenov who were posting leaflets against the amendments to the Constitution, “Abdoulaye” Putin’s presidential term. About it writes “”.

According to Smirnov, the incident occurred near the railway station “Sosnovaya Polyana”.

Activists pasted at the grocery store materials with quotations of Vladimir Putin, in different years, in which the President speaks critically about the prospects of amending the Constitution.

“Next to the store we started to call some people, and then they attacked. Two men shouted that they were for Putin, and we’re traitors. They were joined by a third man. The wife of a passerby shouted to him that we are not to blame and that is us stuck, but he still beat us,” — said Smirnov.

He said that two of the aggressors before the attack drinking beer, which then spilled Semenov.

Smirnov was taken by ambulance to hospital No. 15, where the doctor diagnosed a hematoma of the left eye, the lower eyelid dissection, hematoma of the skull and a cut lip from the inside. Semyonov went to the emergency room on their own. The victims called the police. According to Smirnov, the police asked him to go to him after receiving medical care.

Smirnov is a member of the newly formed territorial election Commission No. 46 of the “party of Growth”. Semenov is in the precinct election Commission № 913 “Apple”.



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