In Russia because of the terrible accident he died bodybuilder from Colombia


В России из-за жуткой случайности умер бодибилдер из КолумбииThe incident occurred in Perm.

Bodybuilder Alexis Torres Rojas of the Colombian city of Cucuta tragically died in hospital Perm. 31-year-old, fascinated by iron sport with 19 years in 2016 married to a Russian woman Anna and moved to live in Russia.

The girl helped her husband to get to the fitness center a personal trainer, and soon Colombian athlete decided to compete in bodybuilding. Alexis began an intense workout and during one of the classes was injured right hand.

“Nobody thought it was a tear or something worse. Well, stretching and stretching. Began treatment all known ointments from the pharmacy. But soon the hand began to fester. The surgeon looked, opened, cut, but not removed it. The operation took place under local anesthesia. After the surgery, the doctor said that we should go to the clinic for a check-up and bandaging,” says Anna.

When Alexis came to the clinic at the place of residence, it turned out that the surgeon is on vacation, and bandaging was done by the nurse. Gradually the wound healed, but in early October, Alexis homes hit the patient’s hand. The next day while dressing the athlete’s temperature rose sharply.

“We thought he was sick with flu. The arm healed, and everything was basically good. But three days later he started having heart problems, he couldn’t breathe, and his body flushed. We got scared and went again to the dressing. When the wound opened, it appeared that she was not healing. After a reception at the therapist we called an ambulance. By the time Alexis was lying,” quoted the Permian

In the medical unit Anna promised to do another surgery and completely remove the abscess. However, the next day, the bodybuilder was in intensive care. The man was put into an artificial coma.

“I got a call closer to the evening from the hospital and said that Alexis was put into a medically induced coma and hooked up to a ventilator. The doctors told me that he had bad tests, kidneys failure. His condition is described as critically serious,” recalls Anna.

At the regional hospital, doctors fought for the life of a Colombian for about a week. In intensive care could reduce the temperature of the body and normalize the pressure, but soon, without regaining consciousness, Alexis Torres Rojas died.

“This outcome has led primarily to the excessive uncontrolled use of anabolic steroids and diuretics that are found in the male body during the autopsy. About their use the patient told doctors too late. I do not feel ashamed and God, because we really did all that was possible. In such patients due to come to the body is weakened, it cannot fight,” commented the doctor, regional hospital, made the first surgery.


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