In Russia banned the rental of the British Comedy “the Death of Stalin”


В России запретили прокат британской комедии "Смерть Сталина"

The Russians are driving themselves into a new slavery and degraded

In Russia banned the rental of the British Comedy “Death to Stalin”. Head of Department “Culture” Igor Igrice reminds readers what can cause excessive desire for ideological bans, and explains why the Soviet past, to pray is not worth it.

Poor company “Volga”! Before she can recover from the scandal with the transfer of hire the second part of “the Adventures of Paddington”, and that’s you banned (supposedly temporarily) hire “Stalin’s Death”. But what I’m saying? There is no better way to draw attention to anything than a ban, it’s more of the story of Adam and eve known. Recently we have seen the example of the ill-fated “Matilda” that did not save her from failure. Hype the product quality is not affected, but what a savings on advertising!

I’m sure many artists secretly dream that they noticed Poklonskaya. This is understandable, remember: “If that way and sovereign will, and then tell the Emperor, that here, they say, your Imperial Majesty, in that city lives Peter Ivanovich Bobchinsky”. However, luck is not all, although in the case of “Death of Stalin” honorable did not fail to Express themselves in their social networks. But the right to be indignant at the state level, this time she pressed.

Contrary to popular belief, a bomb hit one funnel twice. Distributors of “Volga” bent absurdist Comedy the Armando Iannucci 25 Jan. And on the eve of basement happiness. Two days before the release of the Ministry of culture revoked the movie rental license. At the meeting of the Public Council of the Ministry (there is such) hosted a private showing, horrified Directors Mikhalkov and Shakhnazarov, former Deputy Hinstein and current Deputy Chairman of the culture Committee of the state Duma Drapeko, especially the head of this Council, editor-in-chief of “Literary newspaper” Yuri Polyakov. The indignant workers of culture immediately wrote a denunciation… sorry, the request to the Medina.

From this document it became clear that the British film “Death of Stalin” is “directed at inciting hatred and enmity, humiliation of Russian (Soviet) people, the propaganda of inferiority of a person on grounds of his social and national identity, and it is signs of extremism”. And that, say, former MP and Deputy Minister of culture, who is also Executive Director of the Russian choral society Pavel Pozhigailo in September last year stated the need to check the picture on the subject of “provocation and a blow to the Communists.”

Of course, those who have not watched the film, have any questions, say what exactly caused the righteous anger of the Polyakov&Co? “The public Council will Express their point of view about the inadmissibility of imposing our audience helpless with such an artistic point of view and evil from an ideological point of view ribbons. This is a clear imposition and an insult to our civil and national feelings. Not one person spoke in support of this film as an art historical works. Everyone was talking about that from a professional point of view it is a very bad movie, absolutely false. This is a sample of ideological struggle in our country” — sounds like the response writer, which is disseminated by the Agency.

Let’s face it. The film “Death of Stalin” is based on the French comic book La Mort de Staline, which no one has yet thought to ban. The authors tell about the deeds of the Soviet elite — the characters are presented in a slightly exaggerated manner, graphic, not particularly pleasant, but quite real people. Members of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik party arrange feasts, drinking and swearing, and — Oh, horror! — engaged in sex. The comic is divided into two volumes: the first, “Agony”, finds the Generalissimo on his deathbed, the action of the second, “Funeral”, takes place after the announcement of the death of the leader. Stalin dies, and the main characters — Beria, Khrushchev, Malenkov accepted to share power. In fact, in the spirit of the comic and shot a picture of Iannucci — largely following the absurdist manner of the artist Thierry Robin and the author of the novels Fabien Nuri. The characters look funny due to the fact that they are not real historical figures and fictional characters in history.

One of the reasons to check the film on extremism was a belief that Marshal Zhukov presents “a militant clown.” His belligerence (if we talk about the comics), is that, in the story, he refused the post of defense Minister, did not engage in the squabbles and directly stated the need to repair Stalin’s mistakes and punish illegal arrests and executions, and in the end supported the “overthrow” of Beria. Oddly enough, he is the only one who doesn’t look in the Novella a clown, so, apparently, the story has angered experts something else. “He was a God, a mystical and all-powerful” — say about Stalin, Beria and Molotov. And this opinion is probably held by those who so vehemently demanded to prevent the release of the film. “The fact that our people so blind? Or that our party is so strong?”— reflects Beria before his own execution.


So what we have with goose? The film “humiliates Soviet man”, it’s “helpless, evil, deceitful, a sample of the ideological struggle”. Listen, what year? Oh yeah, we have the same anniversary, the 80th anniversary of Stalin’s repressions! And when we hear “shot like mad dogs”? However, the prosecutors led Wyszynski was more current, but sovpisy, as before, rallied around the strong hand. The malicious release of the movie in January, it was announced by the Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of culture, ideological sabotage that is due to the fact that the premiere is scheduled during the presidential election campaign. “Why not at the end of March, when everything’s okay?”— persistently asked the other day, the Poles from the screen Solovyov shows. Answer. With the goal, of course, distort our bright past, and it is in connection with the election. From this I draw a simple conclusion: it is chaired by the social worker, not the movie directly links the two names, former and future rulers of Russia. Question: who is referring to the Poles, comparing with “tainted” by Stalin?

What else is the glorious head of the Public Council under the Ministry of culture, except that, as written official sources, is “one of the most popular Russian writers”? Here is a quote from his December interview in “Teachers newspaper”: “I believe “nezamechena” century Grand historical dates serious mistake of the authorities. Had a chance a Day of national unity to turn into days of national unity, extending the holidays until 7 November. And although we talk all the time about the necessity of rapprochement of red and white patriotism, a symbolic gesture of the day, sacred to the red patriots, have not been made, and defiantly. What for? I think the people that we today are responsible for the ideology of the supposedly non-existent and forbidden by the Constitution, is not very interested in social cohesion and the preservation of Putin’s course on the sovereignty of the country.”

It turns out we have people who are “responsible for ideology,” but oppose the policy of the President! The fifth column entrenched in the bowels of the Ministry of culture? And the ideology, began to be red and white. Well it is clear, to canonize Lenin, to be paid in the calendar Dzhugashvili, well to all what was written in the USSR Voinovich today Sorokin. Not believe? Here’s another quote: “I am an Orthodox Christian, baptized in infancy grandmothers secret from parents of young Communists. Commitment to Orthodox values are somehow combined in me with respect to the Soviet era and its legacy.” Age, therefore, which has struggled with religion by all means, wiped off the face of the earth tens of thousands of churches destroyed in the crucible of repression of millions of believers.

В России запретили прокат британской комедии "Смерть Сталина"


Although nothing strange here. Director Mikhalkov outraged “by Stalin’s Death”, apparently forgetting his own opus “Burnt by the sun”, where the genius of all times and peoples dip his face in a greasy cake. He didn’t go to Tarkovsky’s films — remember the episode when in the “Mirror” character-corrector has found a deadly and funny typo: instead of “Stalin” scored “Sralin”. All of these “public men” crowd needs to ban movies like “Repentance” Abuladze, or “the Feasts of Valtasara” Iskander — they were created before the era of the red-and-white Orthodox democratic Caesar-presidency. I think it sounds in their heads the name of the future “era”, is still prohibited under the Basic law. And, damn it, Alexis Herman death scene mustachioed leader in a puddle of faeces was already in his masterpiece “Khrustalev, the car!”.

There is such a nasty article in the Russian Constitution under the number 29. It brings untold suffering to all fans of the shoes in the jump. There is, unfortunately, censorship was prohibited, and declared other nonsense, such as the fact that “everyone has the right freely to seek, receive, transmit, produce and disseminate information by any lawful means.” But against the scrap is welcome. You should blame the enemy on the basis of another paragraph of article 29, where “propaganda or campaigning inciting social, racial, national or religious hatred and enmity” — and it’s in the bag.

The guardians of public morality suspect that if in caricature show Stalin’s son (the Owner already buried, as the name implies), well, there is Khrushchev, or Marshal Zhukov, then this is the initiation of “national hatred”. Speaking on a TV show, Orthodox Stalinists point directly in the beginning of February marks the 75th anniversary of the battle of Stalingrad, we have 64 percent of the population for Stalin, and these foreign bastards dare to mock our glorious history! How is the heroism of soldiers with the death of the executioners, however, no one knows. If you mean that Stalin won the war (along with Beria, presumably), let’s cancel the decisions of the twentieth Congress, de-rehabilitate the victims of repression and curse of Khrushchev. So you are offended that is just the last show in caricature? He is performed by Steve Buscemi is the main character.

Or another option charges: we, dear Russians, a special mentality. We are not laughing at the death of chiefs, no matter how cursed. Imagine, says a leading television shows that your mother was buried, and some scoundrels took about it is an inappropriate movie. Here, of course, the smell of primitive Freudianism, but we generally try not to joke a little more to work hard for the good of Holy Russia. We even student pilots fail, when they try to mimic obscene gestures under foreign music. We are Russian, we are special, and in General — “God, I thank thee that I am not as other men are, robbers, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican!»

Here is the Lite version of the ban: fast forward the film for six months, and better than 10-15 years. No, we’re not for censorship, we just don’t want to hurt the feelings of believers. Well, Yes, believers in Stalinism, what’s wrong? Took us to the plow, and left with the atomic bomb. The war was won. And what did you achieve?

There is hard version: let us give all sorts of Public councils functions of Glavlit. Then everyone will agree: there is no Soviet government the Soviets left, there is no censorship — but in the law there is an article about extremism and incitement. Find offended is not a problem, we remember what happened to offend the guards and saleswomen candle escapade with the punk prayer in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

But all this swarming is not worth a damn. People just warmed at the trough and fluctuate along with the party line. Even the Minister of culture got who has to mind red-and-white: “You just have to ban anything. On the contrary, we have a different position — we have freedom of speech.” But to leave it as it is not — like it or not, it is necessary to react, to explain, to perform and to justify. To involve experts, lawyers, and use courts to collect meeting, to see how the opponents will become swollen eyes, to shout and splutter.

Where are gone all post-Soviet conquest in our country? As one joked satirist, not the Poles: and the development is, as can be seen, in a spiral that is not stolen in the last year, pospirali. Only a quarter of a century of freedom from totalitarianism, and we again want to drive into the stall, only this time on a higher turn, and a moratorium on the death penalty. As there was Zinoviev’s novel “the Yawning heights”: “We are frequently asked whether there is a God or not. We answer this question in the affirmative: Yes, God no.”

It just seems that it in some comic book that nobody read, and the film is not interesting, whether the story of the Royal affair with a ballerina or a caricature of the leaders of the USSR — a drop in the ocean of the absurd, called with the light hand of the culture of the era of “new barbarism”. Obeying the bans on works of art, whatever its artistic merits, according to colleagues, they may possess, we put ourselves into a new slavery, where the devastation in the minds will become irreversible.


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