In Poland, the Ukrainian driving a truck rammed residential home


В Польше украинец за рулем фуры протаранил жилой домFell asleep at the wheel.

In the village Dorohucza in Poland, 47-year-old Ukrainian driving a truck drove into a house.

The incident happened on the night of 27 January.

Reporters noted that the truck went off the road, plowed through a fence and entered the house. The driver was able to stop the car just a meter away from cots. The room was a year-old child, children 4 and 11 years. Also was not seriously hurt and the driver.

According to the Commissioner Andrzej Fiolek from the regional commandant’s office in Lublin, the truck driver of the truck was sober, just fell asleep due to exhaustion.

According to the publication, the house more uninhabitable.


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