In Overwatch from 9 to 12 September will be playing for free


В  Overwatch с 9 по 12 сентября можно будет играть бесплатно Blizzart will launch a free version of the game Overwatch users of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The event will start on 9 September. For three days players will have the opportunity to host the game for each character using all modes shooter. Gamers will have such modes as: “jeopardy”, “Quick game” and a brand new “Fight week”.

To install the game you need to go to the store and find her using a proposal. On Xbox One it will be called Overwatch: Jrigins Edition Free Weekend, and the PS4 is Overwatch a Free Weekend. The injection volumes differ depending on the consoles.

The owners of consoles need 9 gigabytes, and users of Western devices have to download 15 GB. Both consoles contain all the characters, modes and maps, there will be no restrictions, except that in this free version, disabled the trophies and achievements.

From 9 to 12 September will be possible to experience all the possibilities and features of the game, in addition to the competitive matches. Game progress is saved if the player wishes to purchase the full version.


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