In Omsk commented with a 5-rouble dinners for pupils


В Омске прокомментировали ситуацию с 5-рублевыми обедами для школьников

The Internet has been actively discussing the news about the provision of hot meals to pupils for 5 $ a day.

According to Reedus, the Ministry of education of the Omsk region has allocated for nutrition students $ 5. This measure was taken allegedly in the execution of orders of President Vladimir Putin.

“In the media is tied up, including an initiative announced in the President’s address. Declare that it has nothing to do with reality. What was originally said is irrelevant to the execution of the President’s initiative. In this case, the case concerned the annual funding subsidies for organized hot meals in schools, said the publication of the head of the press service of the Ministry of education of the Omsk region Ilya Crylic.

He also stressed that every year in early January by the Ministry of education issued an order that from the local budget as a measure of social assistance families the subsidy is allocated 5 rubles, 5 rubles allocated from the local budgets. The result is the sum of 10 rubles. In 2019, the year this measure of support in the region ran more than 50 thousand children.

“The price of Breakfast or lunch varies depending on the territory. You can get food just for the subsidy. It will be a hot drink and a dish. You can add money from family, then it will enhance nutrition. The amounts of the different. The village Breakfast is 25 rubles, 35 rubles. Lunch in the village can be purchased for 40-60 rubles, in the city it will cost about 75 rubles, explained the head a press-services.


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