In Kabul, militants attacked a hotel and took hostages


В Кабуле боевики напали на отель и захватили заложниковInformation about the dead and wounded has not yet been confirmed.

Press Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Afghanistan confirmed that the evening of 20 January, unidentified gunmen attacked the Intercontinental hotel in Kabul, and what was sent there special forces.

Tolonews, citing eyewitnesses reported that the hostages were captured and several people were killed.

В Кабуле боевики напали на отель и захватили заложников

One of the witnesses, he said, managed to escape from the building, he was reported dead and wounded on the ground and first floor of the hotel.

Official government data about victims is not yet confirmed. Witnesses report that the hotel is shooting. According to various sources, the attackers were from 2 to 4 people. Some of them were explosive devices. Witnesses say they entered the hotel through the kitchen, and then ran to the rooms.

“Intercontinental” is one of the hotels in Kabul traditionally stop foreigners. It is located in a mountain area and works since 1969. In January 2011 he was attacked by the Taliban. Then 21 people were killed, including nine attackers.


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