In India a man was attracted to the MRI machine and he died


A man walked into the MRI room with an oxygen tank.

A man in India died after he was drawn to the apparatus for MRI, while visiting a relative in hospital in Mumbai. This was announced on Monday by the local police.

Rajesh Maru, of 32, were pinned to MRI machine due to its magnetic force, after he entered the room with an oxygen tank, police said.

“We arrested the doctor and a Junior officer in connection with the death of a person due to negligence”, – said the press-Secretary of the Mumbai police Deepak of Debraga.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening.

Police said that, according to preliminary data, the man died from the inhalation of liquid oxygen, which flowed out from the cylinder, damaged after hitting the apparatus for MRI.

The hospital reported that an investigation was launched to determine the exact cause of death.


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