In France, the captains were forbidden to call his subordinates outside of work


Во Франции начальникам запретили звонить своим подчиненным вне рабочего времениIn France a year ago, took an unprecedented law: now the bosses have not to call his subordinates after hours.

Why do you think it happened?

On the adoption of the law insisted that local doctors saying that the stress from connection with the head in the evening can taint health. And this is proved by studies on workaholics that “all the time”.

By the way, want another fact about France?

The working week lasts 35 hours! Ie a typical working day the Frenchman ends 4 PM!

Prior to the adoption of a law prohibiting bosses to call colleagues on evenings and weekends, then conducted a survey of public opinion. Supported the law more than 60% of employees.


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