In Egypt, found the skeleton of a new species of dinosaurs


В Египте нашли скелет нового вида динозавровIn Central Egypt, found the skeleton of a giant dinosaur.

In the Dakhla oasis, Central Egypt, found the skeleton of a giant dinosaur with a long neck. The find was discovered by paleontologists from the Egyptian University of Mansoura.

Herbivore dinosaur had received the specific name Mansourasaurus shahinae, reports the New time.

According to participants of a scientific expedition, they managed to find an adult Mansourasaurus shahinae, the size of which exceeded 10 feet in length. Apparently, the reptile and can weigh about 5.5 tons and were herbivorous.

“Mansourasaurus shahinae is one of the key new species, and critically important discovery for Egyptian and African paleontology. Africa remains a giant question mark from the point of view of land animals that lived here at the end of the dinosaur era. Mansourasaurus helps us to solve the problems of fossils and paleobiology Africa what animals lived there, what types of these animals were most closely related,” said Dr. Eric Bitterling, one of the authors of the study.

The skeleton that was found in Dakhla oasis, is one of the most complete skeletons of a dinosaur of this period from those which have been discovered in Africa. The bone age is estimated at about 80 million years.

Mansourasaurus shahinae refers to the titanosaurs. This is a group of saurischian dinosaurs of the infraorder sauropod, which lived in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods about 171-66 million years ago on all continents except Antarctica. They were herbivorous dinosaurs, had long necks and tails and walked on four legs.

“Discovery of rare fossils like this sauropod, helps us to understand how beings moved across continents, and gives us a deeper understanding of the evolutionary history of organisms in this region,” says Dan Smith, Director of the research program.


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