In China, the SUV went under the ice with the passengers


В Китае внедорожник ушел под лед вместе с пассажирамиPeople saved by a miracle.

In China, the SUV went under the ice with the passengers, but he was expecting miraculous salvation.

Reports it happened in the North of what is now established strong frosts. The locals decided to explore the lake. However, the ice still on it, is not strong enough. The car was in the water. No one was injured, but rescuers had still several hours in the dead of winter to pull the SUV from the hole. Passengers who miraculously survived, is alive, but hardly dare to repeat it again.

“Suddenly we heard the crackling of ice. And the nose of our car started to sink into the water. We were so shocked, even afraid to breathe. But when the water began to fill the room, we you in a second jumped out of the car” – said one of the passengers Liu Roczyny.

It is noted that in Northern China now from -23 to -25 degrees Celsius.


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