In Canada, a collection of rare cars burned to the ground


В Канаде коллекция редких авто сгорела дотлаIn Canada, a collection of vintage cars burned to the ground in a matter of minutes

In the canadian city of Langley burned to ashes collection of exclusive and vintage cars. About it reports the Chronicle.ifno, with reference to the center.

As writes the edition, the wife of Harry and Darlene Cassidy collected it for over 30 years. The fire occurred in the premises with an area of 790 square meters, where the couple kept 40 Cassidy vintage car.

В Канаде коллекция редких авто сгорела дотла

Most of the collection was American muscle cars, sport models and hot rods. Firefighters were called too late and they arrived only 45 minutes after fire detection. By this time, the pavilion is almost completely burned out.

Fortunately all the cars from the collection Cassidy was insured, but because they will pay compensation. However, certain models were very rare, so to find a replacement is very difficult or even impossible.

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Harry Cassidy has compared the tragedy with the loss of a child.


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