In British school girls were forbidden to mention the girls


В британской школе девочек запретили называть девочками

In middle school for girls Altrincham Manchester British teachers were forbidden to call girls girls. The management of the institution decided to instead use gender-neutral words, betrays Daily Mail.

School Director Stephanie Jill wrote a letter to the parents of the students, explaining such a decision. According to her, this will help feel comfortable the kids who have not decided who they want to be boys or girls, as well as those who subsequently did decide to replace the floor.

Native students responded differently on the decision of school leadership. Some parents admitted that they just couldn’t believe that the Director wrote about this seriously. “This is ridiculous! We live in the age when they should respect the different views of people when it comes to issues of gender and sexual orientation, we should treat this with understanding. But girls should be girls”

Currently, the school founded in 1910, studying 1350 girls aged 11 to 18 years. As the newspaper notes, from the name of the educational institution the word “girls” to clean will not.


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