In Britain, gave his first interview poisoned “Rookie” COP


В Британии дал первое интервью отравленный "Новичком" полицейскийA police officer was one of the first who examined the house Skrobala.

The victim from-for poisonings with Sergey and Yulia Skrobala in Salisbury COP Nick Bailey said that his family lost the house and all his possessions after poisoning with nerve substance Beginner.

Bailey, along with other policemen was sent to the house Skripal to survey the premises, they also needed to find out if there are any other victims. According to the British side, a toxic substance was deposited on the door handle of the house. On the same day after a home inspection Skripal Bailey returned to his and unintentionally moved back to the poison. A few hours after the visit to the house Skrobala he became ill, after which he was hospitalized.

According to him, he felt ill a few hours. However, he attributed the deterioration of health with fatigue and stress. The next morning he was hospitalized in the ICU of the district hospital Salisbury.

“My pupils are like pin head, I was sweating and I was hot,” said 38-year-old father of two children.

When Bailey said that in his blood, it is a Beginner, he was afraid. “It was fear of the unknown. I gasped in horror, because such a dangerous thing in my blood,” he said.

Treatment, according to police, it was painful and stressful.

“I was conscious the whole time. I had a lot of injections, at the same time I had five or six IVS. Physically, after some time I felt numb,” said Bailey.

He also said that in the next room was either Julia or Sergei Skripal, a room, he said, was guarded by the police. The COP was not able to understand why a protective suit and gloves did not protect it from contact with the poison.

“It was terrible, I was confused, I didn’t know what was happening and it was really scary,” he said.

Still, he and his family cannot return to their home. “Everything that belonged to the children, we all lost cars, we lost everything,” said Bailey.

We will remind, on March 4, Skripal and his daughter was found unconscious on a bench at a shopping center in the British Salisbury.

Britain accused of poisoning Russia, but refuses to provide the materials in the case. Moscow denies any involvement in the events in Salisbury and urges to move from accusations to cooperate in the investigation.


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