HTC will show a new flagship at MWC 2018


The Mobile World Congress in 2018 or simply MWC, which opens its doors on 26 February this year, will be held without the participation of the new flagship from HTC. Taiwanese vendor has decided not to exhibit its new top-end smartphone, and the reason for postponement of the announcement until it appears.

According to analysts, HTC has decided to wait, as long as their flagships will not show its competitors, especially Samsung and Huawei, to be able to adjust if you are not stuffing your gadget, then at least its cost. However, the ability to establish an adequate price tag on their new HTC has long been can not boast that it plunged into the depths of the crisis – its smartphones are forgotten immediately after the announcement and are bought only by fans of the brand and those who do not know about OnePlus and Xiaomi.

It is likely that this time HTC looks exactly Xiaomi: at MWC 2018 it will show your top-end smartphone Mi 7, which will be endowed with the most modern electronics and a very attractive price. At the same event, flagship smartphones S9 and S9+ show Korean Samsung, but the HTC announcement will be postponed at least March or even April. Recall that a failed and outdated HTC U11 was presented only in may 2017.


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