How to survive plasticine people


Как выживает пластилиновый народ

In Russia people are ready to adapt to any power — and deliver it with guts when the time comes.

Putin’s support of 86% of the population, the isolation of the Russian Internet from the global support 58% of the population, the death penalty is supported… reluctant to clarify. Today we can ask: “what do you think, is it necessary to prohibit?..”(not explaining that) — and most viciously exhale: “Yeah!..»
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In fact, the mass support of the poor is not based on the fear of getting it in the neck for the “wrong” answer, not for the love of crackdown and, in the case of Putin, not to love him personally.

Remember, this was a beloved Moscow mayor Luzhkov? Solid Manager and all that. On elections in 2003 he gained 74.8 per cent, and was absolutely convinced that people love. I loved Luzhkov did not, testify that the arguments of “Who, if not Luzhkov?”and “He had a lot of Moscow to do!”I was in the capital extremely popular. So when Luzhkov was dismissed, he sincerely trusted that the Muscovites indignant, will defend it and maybe even take to the streets.

Figushki. Luzhkov’s not a pet, not some Grand or Corgi to him to cut the throat. Muscovites Luzhkov merged with the same indifference with which a century before that, the Russians leaked the priest-king. Loved, loved, to live without a king could not, and was overthrown — so the hell with it.

And Putin will be the same, the question is when and how. But it will pass with the guts and ring 86%, and having specific names environment, including the next.

My confidence is based on the mechanics, the functional features of our system, formed about 750 years ago under the yoke of the Horde (since it has not fundamentally changed). Fundamental method of survival. If for the West, since the era of capitalism, the basis of survival is struggle, it is for the Russian people’s survival is mimicry, opportunism, instant adjustment to the requirements of any government: even the Tatar, even Royal, though Soviet, even anti-Soviet. 750 years accustomed to the idea that the rebellion is doomed (and the riot will only get worse), so you need to take the external form, which requires power. And inside, in a narrow circle, at the level of friends or family to behave as you think is necessary and fair.

Actually, what in Russia is called by the people, should be called the serving population, because to become the people we need to represent and defend its values. And serving the population below the neck not to get bashed, repeats only what he thinks is right authorities. Aloud — damn the West and the great Russia. Sly — sanction cheese from Finland, because we know the price.

What are you, the rulers now wish to see us? Want — let’s be liberal and tolerant shinkame. And want dog shit. We — clearly the clay. Say, to be dog shit unpleasant? But strategically advantageous. Try shit to destroy, crumble to pieces! Just making a mess. Why abandon such an effective life-support system? The more it exists not only in Russia. In Turkey the same thing: read Orhan Pamuk. The same Iran, Iraq — even the third world.

In the third world mimicry, poglazhivanie, opportunism is the most effective way of survival. Therefore operation is always stronger than power. The Shah of Iran was also popularly loved. But when his kick — as Nikolai or Yuri — removed, about his wonderful power all immediately forgotten and obediently lay down under the new, religious. About which, when it collapses, will forget just the same.

That’s why I would place Vladimir Putin (or even collective vladimirputin) not too relied on the figures of support. This, I repeat, not metal beliefs and values, as clay under the colossus. And when a change of government happens, we will see how the clay takes a new form. We’ve recently external values was communism, atheism, internationalism, right? A snap of his fingers — and, ooh-La-La, that’s Christianity, patriotism, isolationism. And new click, everything will change again. People will want any power — but would not touch.

Want to meet Ataturk, want the Patriarch, want check, looking under the President. We will say anything and support anything. Though the struggle of gays, at least gay marriage.

That is why I would place the fighters with Vladimir Putin (or with vladimirputin) not in a hurry in the future to enjoy the changes, and progressive slogans and Tesha vanity in sociological research. We, again, build more power. This fluctuation and keep learning the art of balance. Brilliant it would be in Russia to replace not power, but a system that is brilliant it would be to the population, finally, to turn to the people that strictly controls the power. But I’m afraid without a complete collapse of the system is not feasible.


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