How to lose weight in adulthood


Obesity becomes one of the major health problems today.

Due to less physical activity people in adulthood are more often gain weight. This can be easily overcome by following some rules.

Besides the fact that obesity becomes one of the major health problems today, people at a Mature age initially harder to control your weight. Aging and reduced physical activity provide a quick set of extra pounds.

U.S. scientists determined that every year in adulthood, people lose 1% of muscle mass. Because of this, reduced level of metabolism and the body burns fewer calories.

To avoid this, the scientists suggest to add at least two or three strength training sessions per week, in addition to the usual weekly exercise for the cardiovascular system. In strength training, doctors advise Mature people to use the services of coaches, as they can easily cause injuries.

The experts also write that you need to keep in shape at a Mature age should be at least 10 thousand steps a day. In addition, the scientists refute the widespread view that after menopause, women gain more weight than men.

The main factors that promote or prevent weight gain remains any physical activity, psychological state of the person and calorie controlled.

“I encourage my patients to work on controlling portions and eating more low-calorie foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, because they fill us with fewer calories and is important for aging, vitality and prevention of diseases,” says nutritionist Jessica Murgueytio.

According to scientists, the weight may stabilize after 60 years because at this age people begin to eat less.


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