How to deal with “grey salaries”


Как бороться с "серыми зарплатами"

According to Rosstat, in the third quarter of last year, the volume of “gray salaries and other incomes over the last five years increased by 45.7%. If nine months in 2012, the Russians received “in envelopes”, a total of 5.3 trillion rubles in the same period last year, the rate increased to 7.7 trillion rubles. In this regard, native officials, obviously, will soon birth a new list of measures and proposals aimed at “whitewashing” of the economy. Otherwise — this piece goes past the mouth.

Remember the popular network game — take another “noble” person, stating the necessity to tighten the belt or fight with gray income and estimate how much of what and how much it/she is wearing at the time of this statement, comparing with declared last year income and therefore paid taxes. Often, at the level of the watches or jewelry at once is exceeded the annual budget of the district Kukuyev. And that’s just bransoletki — cars, houses, personal planes, little factories, yachts and real estate abroad, we here do not even take into account.

Maybe if you decided to struggle with “grey salaries”, “black income”, tax evasion — you need to start from the top? To “the best people of the city” has inspired the foolish masses? Maybe after their “mite” the state Treasury will be enriched to such an extent that narodishko is not necessary to shake? You go with your pennies — there are serious people already zabashlyat.


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