How much will it cost to Olivier this year


Well, all starts. All are actively discussing new year’s table, although to big day a little less than a month.
Well, che?

Сколько будет стоить оливье в этом году

I am also in the side will not stand, however the bulk of the products decided to order online to cilicica in a queue for several kilometres. And by the way, I advise you, if in your city there is a delivery, then welcome.
You believed in what amount, you will stand up the Christmas table? And how many people come to visit? Do it yourselves or all ready buy? And maybe visit?

Anyway, without Olivier – anywhere.
Dudes from Rosstat counted how many we will have to pay for salad this year.
So, Olivier basin, up to 12 persons, will cost about a Grand. Of course, the price varies, but the average price tag is harsh as reality.

For the year the average cost of the products that you need for a salad, increased by 4.6%. Serving for a family of four will cost 340 rubles, and in 2018 it cost 325 rubles. The price of carrots decreased by 11% to 26 rubles for 1 kg potato — on 3% — to 20 rubles per 1 kg.

Don’t like Olivier? Well, then catch the final check of herring under a fur coat:
the total cost of the ingredients for her for the year increased by 2.6%. To feed this salad a family of four would have to spend 157 rubles (in 2018 — 153 rubles).

By the way, Olivier experts believed with sausage. If you love the capital, that is, the one with the meat, it is possible that the cost will rise slightly.

To recap: the index of the salad is growing faster than inflation, and herring under a fur coat — slowly.


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