Hawking has called another possible reason for the destruction of humanity


Хокинг назвал еще одну возможную причину гибели человечестваFamous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking said that in a hundred years humanity will be extinct because of the extreme heat on the planet.

The physicist emphasized that the destruction of mankind will be associated with climate change on the planet.

According to him, many scholars will not even notice how warmed up the atmosphere, since the process will be gradual, however the greenhouse effect will exacerbate this situation, and the Sun in the next few years will evaporate all the fresh water on Earth. The steam from the water will begin to rise into the atmosphere, and in all corners of the Earth will rise sharply the temperature and humidity of the air, and people will be in a “sauna”.

Hawking drew attention to the fact that once and on Venus there was life. Now, however, the daytime temperature there reaches 465 degrees, and the pressure is 93 times higher than the earth. According to scientists, the Earth can not be saved, and now all the international experts actively engaged in the search for planets suitable for life of animals and people.


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