Google released a new useful application


Google выпустила новое полезное приложениеGoogle has released an application Bulletin is to publish local news

Google introduced for all Android smartphones application Bulletin provides details about the events in the user regions of the world.

With the help of new publishers, the media, and individuals may create local news is available for viewing to people located nearby.

The new service offers the opportunity to publish and read news in a separate small communities. Google believes the app will be able to gain a lot of popularity in the municipal settlements and other places that became a place of residence basis. due to the Bulletin you can carry out the publication of news, photos, small notes, videos. It should be noted that all of the stories and materials that this service will be displayed in the Google search engine. Everyone will be able to share links to recording, publishing them on various web sites.

For now use the app Bulletin is only available for residents of 2 US cities: Oakland and Nashville. Google explains this by the need of testing new software to ensure stable and fast functioning. In addition, we plan to improve the algorithms, giving you the opportunity to learn the news depending on the user’s location.


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