Google “kill” legacy applications for smartphones


Google «убьет» устаревшие приложения для смартфоновCurrently, they are still available in the Google Play store.

Google has announced that it intends to abandon 32-bit applications for Android devices, which is currently still available in Google Play.

The publication reports that the company will no longer add programs and games to the Google Play store that are not compatible with the latest types of operating system, already in 2018.

The company noted that its waiver plan to motivate developers to use the latest technologies and standards that will have a positive impact on software, and will provide more rapid and stable operation of the device.

If the developers are not aware of the new requirements, their Google Play will be included from 1 January next year.

However, Google will give up to 1 November 2018 existing applications. Further, developers should be concerned about the transition to the latest technology.


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