“Golos Krainy”: Boris April replied Tina Karol


Yesterday, January 28 broadcast of one of Ukrainian television premiere of the new eighth season of the vocal project “Golos Krainy”.

Star coaches in which were Sergey Babkin, Jamal, who expects the firstborn, Grigory Leps, Tina Karol, leading Yuri Gorbunov and Katya Osadchaya.

A splash in the first episode called girl-transgender Sianga, ex-Boris the APR, which on the stage sang the song “Smashed into you” is a popular American singer Beyonce.

Vocal girl-transgender turned all four coaches ‘ chairs. His mentor Sianga chose Potap. Tina Karol commented: “this is fast food – it’s your Potap” – said the artist. Tina’s words caused a sensation in social networks. Carol decided to comment on your words to Sanji (Anya).

“For all who are concerned about the theme – I’m arrogant or not? The answer is that of course not. The words were not said in the address of Boris APR. His only ally in the end I won. What is meant by fast food? There is a saying in show business “Hype”, fast food. That’s what the immediate here and now on sale, brings rating. Fast food is called kapowie news, songs. No matter how they will sound, the main thing that they here and now set a precedent. Potap – master to lead and build such projects. He’s got talent. Bob, of course, goes against the flow. It will always be “Yes” and “no” simultaneously. You’ll see how kind I am to Bore. We are friendly,” said Karol.

Sianga created a page in Instagram, where he answered the words of Tina Karol.

“I used to face intolerance and discrimination. I was insulted and I understand that this will not change in the near future. I am what I am! And proud of it! And no one needs to prove the correctness of your choice. But when people who have authority and influence in society, continue to refer to me in masculine form, they propagate intolerance and rejection, instead of equality and love,” wrote Anna.


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