Ghostwriter in the sky: EU accuses Russia of an attempt to influence election


The European Union accuses Russia of targeted cyber attacks in several member states. The 27 EU countries call on Moscow to act responsibly and demand that the “malicious activity” be stopped immediately. If the country fails to do so, the EU will consider taking steps, says Foreign Minister Josep Borrell on Friday.

A Russian group called Ghostwriter is believed to be responsible for cyber attacks on MPs, government officials, politicians, journalists and civil society organizations. The hackers seek access to computer systems, personal accounts and data.

Ghostwriter is active in Germany. The German Justice Department opened investigations earlier this month into cyber attacks on German politicians that allegedly involved Russian intelligence services. Military intelligence GRU would play a role in the hacks. Shortly before the elections in Germany, MPs from governing parties CDU/CSU and SPD were spied on, according to the German authorities.

The European Union previously punished a group of hackers who would work for the GRU for breaking into the German Bundestag’s computer network in 2015. Data was stolen and even Chancellor Angela Merkel’s e-mail account was not secure.


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