From Zabaikalsk to 2017 brought a record number of forest


Из Забайкальска в 2017 году вывезли рекордное количество леса

In 2017, the customs of Heihe in China beaten the historical record of import of timber from Russia, has informed Management on the import-export and quarantine Heihe.

For the year through customs Heihe from Russia were imported to China 157 000 consignments of timber total volume of 12 million cubic meters and the cost 1,3761 million dollars. It is respectively 32%, 158,96% 237,28% higher than a year earlier, writes

China today remains the largest importer of timber worldwide, the demand for wood on the domestic market continues to grow. The cargo item in Manchuria, according to Chinese experts, became the largest “corridor for the importation of wood” because of its good location opposite the village of Zabaikalsk.

The growth in exports was influenced by the simplification of procedures for clearance of imported goods imposed by customs of Manzhouli in 2017. Since then, more than 85% of the wood imported into China via e-invoice without issuing any securities, writes

  • On average, one hectare is about 300 cubic meters of forest
  • In one wagon fits 50 cubic meters of forest
  • 400 sq. km* forest land was felled and sold in China only through Heihe

*If you count the raw forest


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