Found in space, black hole, expanding most quickly


В космосе найдена черная дыра, расширяющаяся быстрее всего The object absorbs a huge amount of matter.

Scientists made an interesting discovery related to a huge black hole. So, a hole called a quasar absorbs during the day, the amount of matter comparable to a half of our Sun.

Astronomer Christian Wolff of the Australian University reported that the rapidly growing black hole shines incredibly bright (like lit our Galaxy). When gases are absorbed, it generates a lot of heat. This factor determines the glow.

The black hole, as noted by experts, emits ultraviolet light and emits x-rays. If education emerged in our Galaxy, then life would never have arisen due to high background radiation.

The black hole mass equals the mass of twenty billion suns, is education in twelve billion light years from the milky Way.


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