For pike, after spawning


More interesting: what bait can now be efficient? Of course, not something quite so specific in shape, size and colour, and by type.

Personally, I think that will work all baits with an active game. And when you consider that the game require a hand, in this case fishing, it can catch on everything.

No such bait on which it would be impossible to catch a pike, the question is, how long will it take hours, days or years.

The concept of active play bait probably is not due to the speed of rotation of a petal, or the frequency of oscillation of the crank, and with the power generated by vibrations in water. Than lure bigger – the easier it is to generate these oscillations. But begin to show some of the limitations associated with the fishing conditions.

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In early summer, spawning the crucian carp, bleak. Roach, perch, bream far from the coast do not depart lots of food. Naturally, here to hunt and pike. Small predators do not leave the shallow areas and large back periodically with deeper stops, as necessary sustenance.

It turns out that to use a grounded heavy bait is not very convenient. It is possible in certain technology transactions, but not comfortable.

For example, at a depth of half to two meters is quite effective to catch on a jig-head weighing 15 g. and, but, provided that on the hook “mandula” high its own buoyancy. If you replace the mandula on Twister, you will have to reduce the weight of the head to 4-7 g.

With kolbaskami much easier – take the Atom 18-22 and catch.

Fun to catch on a spinner, it is important to move relatively quickly, then we broke to catch and 18 gram Heavy long. Work perfectly compact, but heavy wersalki with the original curve of petal, which made the Glory of Chudin (maybe still does, I haven’t seen him lately).

If you take the cranks (jerky, walkers), then, in my opinion, this is the path or literate anglers who want to catch a big pike where she refuses to other lures, or “raspaltsovki” involved rinsing newfangled advertising products. To each his own.

Because I personally lot fun fishing with a float rod, I come to the opening of the spinning season is very pragmatic, namely, to travel a couple of times for pike. Come, stocking up on food and return to their crucians, roaches there, bleak, perch, carp and minnows.

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Despite this, I keep track of the interesting, really working with our new spinning lures. Last season I “laid eyes” on nothing more than, at first glance, not remarkable vibrohvost from Herakles called Vobbler shad.

First, I very successfully to catch for trout on the paysite in open water, using the model length 6 cm. What I immediately liked is the apparent increase in the resistance of the lure during acceleration without buckling. Then it occurred to me that the larger the lure will be to the liking of the pike.

Compared with similar shaped tails, for example, from Pontoon 21 Ratta and Awaruna, the “Lure” is much more massive than the body and very powerful paddle tail that allows it to generate powerful vibrations.


Top Ratta, below Vobbler a length of 10 cm Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

A year ago, I waited for the moment when it was possible to conduct a legitimate test of the Bay near a small reservoir. The result, even though my inner confidence in success, pleased. It was hard to imagine that literally “under the nose” of civilization remained a kind of fish.

First pike on a kilo with a tail on the second throw to the new point. A second pike from the same point and pulled two and a half pounds. The change points and on the first cast sits one and a half. Gone fishing, true without a catch, but after a couple of days meat was harvested on one of Korovnikov.

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Of those options snap-in I tried, I liked the bait on the jig head, in that particular case, weighing five grams. The tail itself weighs 7.5 g, so you can do head and 3 g.


Photo: Andrew Yanshevsky.

What I’m getting at. If you want to catch a pike when it is active, hungry and ill after spawning, then don’t listen to advertising the praises of another crank, and take decades of proven spoons, Twister or vibrohvost.

Personally, I’m for open season of this year has prepared any tails in the extended colours. Just in case.


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