For fans of “Game of thrones” has created an unusual hotel


The temperature inside is -5 °C

One of the offices of HBO in Lapland in the Park built SnowVillage Ice hotel, which is decorated in the style of the popular series “Game of thrones”.

Most of the building created by ice and snow. About it reports Digital Spy. The hotel has around 30 rooms and each of them filled with various sculptures inspired by popular characters and themes from the show, including dragons, white walkers, the Hall of faces and even the Iron throne. The hotel also has a bar, restaurant and a chapel in which to celebrate a wedding in the style of “Game of thrones”.

It is known that the temperature inside the ice room is -5 °C, so guests sleep in sleeping bags. The minimum price for the room is $ 200, but visitors can just go inside for $20.

To use the services of unusual hotel until 8 April 2018, until he began to melt.


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