Flooding in Paris: museums are closed and several train stations


Наводнение в Париже: закрыты музеи и несколько железнодорожных станцийAlso discontinued cruises on the Seine.

In Paris due to flooding closed several railway stations, not there are cruises on the Seine, and also suspended the work of the major museums.

According to the magazine Conde Nast Traveler, the water level in the Seine has risen more than five meters, and its height continues to grow, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

Currently closed the train line RER train that runs along the left Bank of the Seine near attractions like Notre Dame de Paris, musée d’orsay, Champ de Mars. It is expected that the third line of the metro will be closed until Friday.

In the Louvre taken extraordinary measures to prevent water damage to exhibits. The lower level of the Department of Eastern art of the Museum is closed until Sunday.

Museums have also adopted measures for the conservation of works of art and announced the closure of the night on Thursday and the postponement of the scheduled events for February.

In addition, cancelled cruises on the Seine, as the court cannot pass under the bridges at the current height of the water.


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