Fight for cheap “Nutella” in France are preparing a new law


Драки за дешевую «Нутеллу»: во Франции готовят новый законIncident discounts led to the consideration of the new law.

The French government on Wednesday will introduce a law that will impose stricter rules of promotion for supermarkets after a large discount for “Nutella” has led to fights in supermarkets. About it reports The Local.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Finance of France called on supermarkets to refrain from such promotions, which led the fight for “Nutella”.

As reported last week in France the Intermarché stores sell “Nutella” with 70% discount: price was reduced from 4.50 euros to 1.40 euros. Customers quickly understand the product, and some stores even had a fight was to call the police.

“Yesterday I met with the Director of Intermarché. I told him that it must be stopped – we can’t be such scenes every few days in France,” said economy Minister Bruno Le Mer.

On Wednesday, the French government is preparing to unveil a bill that would toughen the rules for the promotion of goods in the supermarket.

The French Ministry of Finance has started an investigation because of large discounts for “Nutella”.


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