Facebook launches its own streaming platform


Facebook открывает собственную стриминговую платформу Facebook Gaming will provide the live broadcast of the games and accepting donations to streamers.

Albeit belatedly, but Facebook also grabs for fans to watch others play games. The social network has announced the launch of Facebook Gaming program that is designed specifically for streamers.

According to the representative of Facebook in the official news, the site Facebook Live, where you can arrange live broadcasts, proved highly influential among game bloggers. And in the last year the social network was preparing a platform specifically for gaming, the Facebook Gaming.

Facebook Gaming is what is running in pilot mode and, it seems, requires a separate registration if you want to have your impressions on the platform. During the original beta test Facebook is going to focus on four areas:

• To make on Facebook has grown the most significant and passionate community of streamers in comparison with other platforms;
• To accelerate the proliferation of gaming stremersch content on many platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Oculus;
• To give game bloggers all the tools needed to live broadcasts on Facebook;
• To build a platform where they can flourish bloggers of any level.

Even before the launch of a pilot version with Facebook Gaming worked with some popular personalities. Itself Facebook as an example, indicates StoneMountain64, one of the top streamers in the social network — it broadcasts games every day and have already reached one million followers.

Facebook admits that a lot of work ahead, and yet, Facebook Gaming is going to provide the fundamental elements for successful video stream, for example, the image in 1080p and 60 FPS (instead of 720p and 30 FPS Facebook Live). Also, apparently, Facebook is developing its own platform for donations, with which users of the social network can easily support their favorite streamer.

Maybe it is in Facebook Gaming showed the ESL One Dota 2 Genting. But as you can remember in the recent news, anything good from this has not yet emerged.


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